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Chocolate SHUGA! Ice Cream

Today is National Ice Cream day! And did you know that making ice cream is super easy? Try it for yourself and don’t be afraid to get creative with your ingredients and toppings. Check out this amazing Chocolate SHUGA! Ice cream recipe! Print Chocolate SHUGA! Ice Cream   Ingredients 2,400 g whole milk 550 g […]

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SHUGA! Brioche

Brioche is a type of sweet, light and fluffy bread of French origin. It is ideal to use as a base for cakes and other desserts, to serve as a side dish to complement any meal, or in the morning with some delicious coffee. Master the art of bread making and share this exquisite home-made […]

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SHUGA! Summer Cheesecake

We all love cheesecake so much that is always perfect time for baking one! You can change the main ingredients depending on the season keeping the cheesecake base the same, for this hot summer we suggest a fresh or frozen fruits combo for the topping. Let´s get into baking! Print SHUGA! Summer Cheesecake   Ingredients For the […]

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Using SHUGA! as your sweetener in ice cream and sorbets will help you get a softer and creamier one. It also enhances fruit, nuts, as well as cacao notes. Try it for yourself in the recipe below! Print SHUGA! VANILLA ICE CREAM   Ingredients 2,400 g whole milk 500g heavy cream 640 g SHUGA! 100 g powdered […]

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5 de Mayo SHUGA! Churros!

Let’s celebrate this 5 de Mayo with this delicious “Churros with Chocolate-Coffee sauce” recipe! Shuga Cane Syrups provide flavor balance enhancing the cacao and coffee notes in the sauce and making it extra smoother. Try it out for yourself! Print 5 de Mayo SHUGA! Churros!   Ingredients For the Chocolate-Coffee Sauce: 45 g Heavy Milk […]

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Easter Decorated Cookies

This Easter cookies recipe is a perfect one to make with the little ones, having fun with the deco and enjoying together in family! Wishing you a happy, peaceful and joyful Easter!   Print Easter Decorated Cookies   Ingredients 􏰀 3½ cup all purpose flour 􏰀 1 egg 􏰀 1 cup of SHUGA! 􏰀 1¾ […]

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Rich and Easy Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Paleo Chocolate-Avocado Mousse: Odd combination but full of flavor and healthy fats! Here’s our easy creamy and delicious “Hey SHUGA! Vegan Chocolate Mousse” recipe using only 4 ingredients. Enjoy! Print Rich and Easy Vegan Chocolate Mousse   Ingredients 4 Ripe Avocados 1 Cup Unsweetened Cocoa ½ Cup Hey Shuga! ( or ¼ cup of Lil’Shuga) 1 […]

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SHUGA! Brownies

Celebrating and enjoying Saint Patrick´s Day? How about some specially sweetened brownies to savor? This recipe is perfect if yummy is what you´re looking for! Print SHUGA! Brownies   Ingredients ¾ cup sugar free cocoa ½ teaspoonful of baking powder ⅔ cup melted butter 2 eggs ½ cup boiling water ½ cup Hey SHUGA! 1⅓ cup […]

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Chocolate Ganache

This simple Chocolate Ganache recipe can be used to decorate any dessert and take it to the next level. For instance, this amazing chocolate concoction can be used as truffles, glazes or to layer cakes. For more creative ganaches, you can add pureed fruit, like strawberries, or add coffee, nuts, liquor, or even ginger! It […]

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SHUGA! Carrot Cookies

Feel the joy of celebrating the love month with these yummy SHUGA! Carrot Cookies. Have fun baking them and the best of all is that you can enjoy them in the company of your loved ones! Who knows, this can be your next favorite cookies recipe! Print SHUGA! Carrot Cookies   Ingredients 1 cup all-purpose flour […]

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