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SHUGA! Champagne Cocktail

Thursday afternoon is up for a simple and light champagne cocktail, using strawberries, fresh lime juice and Lil SHUGA! This cocktail is perfect for special occasions but also you can prepare it anytime. It is bubbly, pink,  sweet and pairs excellent with a homemade dinner or to share with your significant other, family or friends! Enjoy […]

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SHUGA! Sangría drink!

No matter what your weekend plans are, you can enjoy this SHUGA! Sangría drink! Cheers shugas! Print SHUGA! Sangría drink!   Ingredients ? 1 bottle of pink or white wine ? ½ cup of orange juice ? ½ cup of peach juice ? ½ cup of strawberry juice ? ½ cup of triplesec liquor ? […]

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SHUGA! Iced tea summer beverage

Find new and creative ways to make your own refreshing and healthy beverages this summer! Iced tea with herbal infusions is an excellent option, which can also result delicious if you incorporate fresh fruit. For extra sweetness add some SHUGA! as syrup dissolves best in cold beverages! Check out this base recipe and enjoy summer the […]

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SHUGA! Butterbeer Milkshake

Today is International Beer Day! And to celebrate, we made one of our favorite milkshakes: SHUGA! Butterbeer Milkshake.  Check the recipe below, and cheers to the weekend! Print SHUGA! Butterbeer Milkshake   Ingredients For the butterscotch syrup 4 tablespoons unsalted butter 
3/4 cup SHUGA! ¾ teaspoon sea salt ½ cup heavy cream ½ teaspoon vanilla […]

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Watermelon SHUGA! Smoothie

Don’t let your Dad settle for convenient junk food. Like most of us, they want fast and healthy food that is going to nourish them and improve their well being. On this FathersDay, and on any other day, treat them and teach them to make easy and quick shakes and smoothies using fruit and/or vegetables […]

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Banana and Strawberry Smoothie

Because Simpler is Sweeter! this delicious Banana and Strawberry Smoothie is easy to prepare and perfect to jump start your day or as an afternoon boost! Feel free to add some oatmeal or perhaps amaranth according to your taste and needs 😉 Enjoy! Print Banana and Strawberry Smoothie   Ingredients 1 cup almond milk 1 banana […]

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Apple cider fall cocktail with spices and pomegranate

Apple Gin Fall Cocktail

The holidays are here and that means great company, delicious food, presents and of course, amazing cocktails! If you’re looking for something different besides the traditional eggnog, here is a quick cocktail that is perfect for all your guests to enjoy. For a stress-free gathering, mix all the ingredients before and then, chill in a […]

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Summer Sangria

SHUGA! is what’s missing in your cocktails! Here is why our SHUGAs (Invert Syrups) is the way to go when making cocktails/mocktails at home or at a restaurant: It’s ready to use which means you don’t have to heat up sugar and water to create your simple syrup. For restaurants, it cuts down on operational […]

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38 Ways To Make Perfect Coffee by Fine Dining Lovers

Love coffee and wish to make Capuccino or Cortadito just like a Barista? Well, Fine Dining Lovers made it easy for us with their “38 Ways To Make A Perfect Coffee”. Check out these cool ideas and show your Barista skills by posting a picture of your coffee creation and tag @heyshugas. Don’t forget to […]

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Watermelon Mojito IIIIII

Watermelon Mojito

Summer heat is in full force and we’re ready to jump in the pool to cool off. We’ve invited our SHUGA friends over for great cocktails and for some fun in the sun. This Watermelon Mojito is not only refreshing but amazingly delicious! Show off your bartending skills by serving it in a nice highball […]

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