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SHUGA! Pecan Pie

This recipe calls for traditional pecan pie ingredients, except it avoids high-fructose corn syrup and instead uses our Lil’ SHUGA! which is made with an all natural and organic blend of cane and stevia.  Lil’ SHUGA! is two times sweeter than regular sugar, and has a balanced composition of fructose, sucrose and glucose,  giving the pie the […]

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SHUGA! Champagne Cocktail

Thursday afternoon is up for a simple and light champagne cocktail, using strawberries, fresh lime juice and Lil SHUGA! This cocktail is perfect for special occasions but also you can prepare it anytime. It is bubbly, pink,  sweet and pairs excellent with a homemade dinner or to share with your significant other, family or friends! Enjoy […]

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SHUGA! Quinoa Caprese

Give your quinoa salad a SHUGA! twist, this Quinoa Caprese and dressing recipe is full of flavor and nutrients! Basil, cherry tomato, chickpea, mozzarella cheese… yuum!!! Print SHUGA! Quinoa Caprese   Ingredients 2 cups of cooked quinoa 1 cup of cherry tomatoes 1 cup of mini fresh mozzarella cheese 10 to 15 leaves of basil […]

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SHUGA! Cobb Salad

Just a few days before autumn begins, invite us to bring some late summer recipes to our tables! Say good bye to summer the right way with this SHUGA! Cobb Salad recipe, simple and delightful for lunch or even dinner time for it´s lightness, also perfect to a take out with friends due to it´s […]

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SHUGA! Banana bread

We never get tired of this classic, specially because you can eat it at any time: for breakfast, dessert, or as a snack! The key for successful recipes is in choosing the best ingredients, in this case a good flour, butter, spices and SHUGA, which will give it extra softness and delicious taste. Try this […]

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Chocolate SHUGA! Ice Cream

Today is National Ice Cream day! And did you know that making ice cream is super easy? Try it for yourself and don’t be afraid to get creative with your ingredients and toppings. Check out this amazing Chocolate SHUGA! Ice cream recipe! Print Chocolate SHUGA! Ice Cream   Ingredients 2,400 g whole milk 550 g […]

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Spiced SHUGA! Sauce

Give your dinner an easy and delicious twist! Try this Spiced SHUGA! Sauce to marinate your meat and fish fillets. Our recommendation of the day: Salmon! Print Spiced SHUGA! Sauce   Ingredients ½ cup SHUGA! ¼ teaspoon cloves ¼ teaspoon all spice (whole) 2 ea star anise 2 ea sprigs thyme 1 ea sprig rosemary […]

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Using SHUGA! as your sweetener in ice cream and sorbets will help you get a softer and creamier one. It also enhances fruit, nuts, as well as cacao notes. Try it for yourself in the recipe below! Print SHUGA! VANILLA ICE CREAM   Ingredients 2,400 g whole milk 500g heavy cream 640 g SHUGA! 100 g powdered […]

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Chocolate Ganache

This simple Chocolate Ganache recipe can be used to decorate any dessert and take it to the next level. For instance, this amazing chocolate concoction can be used as truffles, glazes or to layer cakes. For more creative ganaches, you can add pureed fruit, like strawberries, or add coffee, nuts, liquor, or even ginger! It […]

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SHUGA! Giveaway!

Hello Shuga! We want to show you how much we LOVE you on this month! Every week, during the month of February 2017, we will be giving away ONE bottle of SHUGA for two winners, one in USA and another in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. To be eligible to receive a bottle of SHUGA for […]

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