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38 Ways To Make Perfect Coffee by Fine Dining Lovers

Love coffee and wish to make Capuccino or Cortadito just like a Barista? Well, Fine Dining Lovers made it easy for us with their “38 Ways To Make A Perfect Coffee”. Check out these cool ideas and show your Barista skills by posting a picture of your coffee creation and tag @heyshugas. Don’t forget to […]

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Tools for Baking – Guide for Purchasing All The Essentials

Want to stock up your kitchen with the right baking tools but don’t know where to begin? Food Network has made it easy for us by creating this amazing list that shows you all the tools you need to purchase for making cookies, cakes, and other baked goods. Thanks to Food Network for sharing this […]

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Ingredients for baking - milk, butter, eggs and flour. Rustic ba

Baking Substitutions

Did you know that we can substitute some ingredients for others? The taste doesn’t necessarily have to be the same we just need to make sure the consistency of the ingredient is similar so it has the same effect. These swaps can help us to play with different flavors and make subtle changes to our […]

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Save the Bees – Get Involved!

Sometimes we take for granted the most important things in life, for example, Mother Nature. Today we are taking a look at the important role that bees play in our life, and the impact it will have if they no longer exist. Without bees, some of the food we eat every day would disappear. Every […]

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Baking Tips

Have you heard that Cooking is an art and Baking is science? The truth is that it gets pretty difficult and frustrating to get perfect results if we don’t have enough experience, however, with practice you can become a true scientist in the kitchen. Be creative and follow your instincts, taste and adjust as you […]

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Coke and Pepsi Cane + Stevia Soda

Have you heard about the NEW Coca Cola and Pepsi reduced calorie sodas? They are sweetened with cane + stevia. Just like our Lil’ SHUGA! which is 2 times sweeter than regular sugar so you only need 1/2 as much for 1/2 the calories of sugar. Read more about these two low-calorie sodas below: The low-calorie […]

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