Chocolate Ganache

This simple Chocolate Ganache recipe can be used to decorate any dessert and take it to the next level. For instance, this amazing chocolate concoction can be used as truffles, glazes or to layer cakes.
For more creative ganaches, you can add pureed fruit, like strawberries, or add coffee, nuts, liquor, or even ginger! It is sure a simple recipe that once mastered will impress your guests and yourself!


Chocolate Ganache
  • 100 g milk cream
  • 100g milk chocolate (for melting) / 200 g If it is of white chocolate
  • 8 g shuga / No extra sweet needed if it is of white chocolate
  1. Bring to the fire: the milk cream and the honey or inverted sugar.
  2. Add the hot mixture to a bowl with the chocolates to melt with the hot cream.
  3. Once fused you can serve this delicious ganache on top of our favorite dessert as these delicious chocolates! Feel free to decor.


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