Coffee Ganache

Celebrate this love month in a very special way! In chocolate ganache preparations, SHUGA! cane syrups provide flavor balance enhancing cacao notes and providing softness! Try it for yourself and enjoy this Ganache Chocolate over your favorite dessert!

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Coffee Ganache
Recipe type: Dessert
  • 45 g Milk cream
  • 5 g Instant coffee
  • 4 g Honey or Reversed Sugar (Shuga)
  • 50 g Semisweet chocolate
  • 50 g Milk chocolate
  • 20 g Butter
  1. Bring to the fire: the milk cream, the coffee and the honey or inverted sugar.
  2. Add the hot mixture to a bowl with the chocolates to melt with the hot cream.
  3. Add the butter.


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