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Hello SHUGAs!

Love is all around us. Everyone is thinking about the perfect gift and the perfect date for Valentine’s Day. Although every day should be a day to show our loved ones how much they mean to us, we think it is great how millions of people dedicate a whole month to celebrate one of the best things in live: LOVE.

Today we are throwing it back to one of our favorite cocktail recipes developed by our dearest friend, NYC mixologist and influencer, April Wachtel from Swig and Swallow. In her own words:

“I  try to source sustainable and minimally processed ingredients whenever possible. Ten years ago almost everyone I knew used sour mix and sodas from the gun, filled with high fructose corn syrup and added flavoring and coloring agents, and thankfully we have marked progress since then […] I was pleased to find that the flavor profiles of both Hey SHUGA!-Organic Cane Syrup and Lil SHUGA!- a blend of Organic Cane Syrup and Stevia Leaf extracts, were excellent.”

When developing one of her drinks, April decided to go for a simple champagne cocktail, using strawberries, fresh lime juice and Lil SHUGA! This cocktail is perfect for this holiday. It is bubbly, pink,  sweet and pairs excellent with a homemade romantic dinner prepared with love for your significant other, family or friends. Go to http://www.swigandswallow.com/blog/2015/6/4/hey-shuga to read the entire post, and if you want more ideas for Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to  check out all of our recipes : )


18 Strawberries,
6.75 oz Lil SHUGA!
135 oz Fresh lime juice
1 Bottle of Champagne… (with
optional Angostura bitters and mint as a garnish



-Team SHUGA.




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