Living a Balanced Sweet Life

To us, living a balanced sweet life means to live life to the fullest and not miss-out on the important things that mean the most. For us, it’s about having a healthy lifestyle but also about enjoying those sweet moments of indulgence, in the right amount and from the right source!

Recipes made with Cane + Stevia Liquid Sweetener

Because of this motto, we have created what we call balance sweeteners. Our organic, non-GMO verified, and vegan friendly liquid sweeteners are made from raw, organic cane sugar and water-extracted stevia and have a delicious flavor! We make the Shugas through a certified enzymatic process that resembles and bio-mimics the way bees make honey; honeybees make honey from the sucrose contained in the nectar of flowers and we make the Shugas from the sucrose contained in organic cane.

Through our process, sucrose, a complex molecule from organic dehydrated cane juice is split into fructose and glucose. Other liquid sweeteners contain high amounts of fructose, which increases the sweetening power and lowers the glycemic index in sweeteners, but we all know too much of even good things is not always good for our bodies right? For this reason we keep the fructose and glucose level on our Shugas in the same proportion, just as honey, thus making them balanced liquid sweeteners.

What about our cane & stevia blend? Well, it is naturally 2X sweeter than other sweeteners and tastes great with NO aftertaste, allowing you to cut by half the amount of sweetener you need in your beverages and desserts!