SHUGA! Iced tea summer beverage

Find new and creative ways to make your own refreshing and healthy beverages this summer! Iced tea with herbal infusions is an excellent option, which can also result delicious if you incorporate fresh fruit. For extra sweetness add some SHUGA! as syrup dissolves best in cold beverages! Check out this base recipe and enjoy summer the SHUGA! way


SHUGA! Iced tea summer beverage
Serves: 2
  • Fruit of choice (we recommend strawberries or pomegranate ) *if you are not into fruit you can choose a herbal or floral option, like mint or lavender, which are amazing too! The amount is up to 6 strawberries, half pomegranate, a handful of mint or lavender springs to taste.
  • Citric touch (juiced). You can try 4 lemons, 1 orange or 2 limes. To garnish have an extra hand of slices.
  • 2 ounces of SHUGA!
  • ½ cup of your tea of choice brewed (green tea, oolong tea, black tea)
  • 6 drops of rhubarb bitters (for an infused spirit)
  • Ice
*The combination of flavors is up to your taste!
  1. Jam the fruit and citric choice along with SHUGA! in a glass
  2. Add cool brewed tea of choice and the rhubarb stirring well ( for the herbal choice add it here )
  3. In another glass serve the ice, tea mix and feel free to rub the edge with your citric choice and use slices as garnish along with the herbs!
  4. A delightful and unique beverage is ready to be enjoyed!

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